These shots are taken in Sonoma County when I jumped in on my friend, Allyson Wiley’s, styled photo session.

I flew up to Sonoma this past spring to teach a beginning photography course with my friend, Allyson Wiley (Weekes), who is a photographer extraordinaire up in Norcal. But the day before we taught the course in her beautiful studio in the Sonoma Square, I met her mid shoot at Chateau St Jean winery where she had some beautiful models, an awesome stylist, makeup and hair artist, and a wedding coordinator as a part of a styled wedding inspiration shoot.

I’m telling you, I don’t get to work much in a group yet where there are other artistic professionals around making sure things are in place and looking pretty. I have rarely done a styled shoot and I am telling you that I LOVE IT. LOVE IT! As much as I am super big on real moments, I appreciate the other side of the coin, too. When it comes to commercial work, I cannot wait to work with a team of pros.

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Kristy Walker is a photographer based in San Diego.

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