A shot of my reflection in a display at the Exploratorium in San Francisco while on assignment for Accenture this past May.

It was time for a change.

I need a place to express myself when I get those strikes of inspiration from the Universe. You know what I mean. Some say it’s just “great ideas” or maybe ignore them all together. Some call it guidance from God. I personally think don’t know where it comes from and prefer to just recognize when that THING bubbling inside you. I think that especially artists, writers, lyricists, musicians, photographers???. . . all make their best work when they are open to these moments of clarity that strike them at unexpected moments. This is why songs are written on bar napkins, and why some jot down notes in a journal next to their bed as the best ideas come at night. Lately, I find myself texting myself ideas so as not to forget . . .so that maybe I get to create it. Maybe it’s a good idea I shouldn’t forget in the chaos of all the STUFF we have to do to maintain in life. Because getting what inside out is what makes me happy.

Losing those moments are terrible waste of ART.

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Kristy Walker is a photographer based in San Diego.

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